International Auto Shipping
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Reliable International Shipping Experts Based in Houston, Texas

Horizon Auto Shipping is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has been serving the shipping industry since 1992. They pride themselves in producing satisfied customers and providing a reliable cost effective means of moving goods between sellers and buyers worldwide. Their network of overseas agents helps make possible the movement of your cargo expeditiously and facilitate transportation at the overseas destination.

 At Horizon Auto Shipping the difference is in our commitment to serving the client. Our coordinators take a personal interest in each customer’s shipping needs and determines the best solution for moving their cargo. Today, as companies become less customer service oriented and more automated, Horizon continues to provide that specialization that gave us our stellar reputation. You will not get a recording telling you to press 1, 2, or 3 and then another recording telling you to leave a voice mail like so many other shipping companies.

A Company You Can Trust

At Horizon Auto Shipping the difference is

  • Our expertise in ocean shipping and export ocean freight forwarding
  • Our expertise in imports and Customs documentation
  • Our expertise in shipping in the US and to/from Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico
  • Our expertise in container shipping
  • Our expertise in automobile consolidations to Europe
  • Our network of overseas agents to facilitate delivery at destination
  • Our dedicated team of coordinators takes a personal interest in each customer’s requirements
  • Our successful tactics to always offer competitive pricing