International Auto Shipping

International Vehicle Shipping to Australia

No matter whether your car or truck is new, used, or classic, we offsydney-opera-house-australia-54610er professional handling services for transporting it to Australia. Our staff will help you get all the paperwork you need to have your vehicle delivered to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or elsewhere in the country.

Before even buying a vehicle that you expect to send to Australia, you must have a Vehicle Import Approval to present to Australian customs. Regulations require that your auto or truck meets the safety and emissions standards mandated by Australia’s Motor Vehicles Standard Act of 1989. If the air conditioning in your vehicle emits CFC gases, it cannot be exported to the land down under. By choosing us to ship your vehicle, we’ll help you fulfill all the requirements for export.

Vehicle Eligibility

Our knowledgeable staff will inform you whether your vehicle is on the list of permitted imports to Australia. Classic vehicles have different eligibility requirements than new cars. If you’re coming to Australia as a tourist or staying for up to 12 months, you can bring a vehicle without paying a customs duty. Beginning in 2018, the government will relax its auto import laws. This revision will add more makes and models to the list of eligible cars. If you own a classic car, your import costs will be cut.We can tell you what to expect from the new rules.

Documents Needed and Transport Options

With a VIA, original vehicle registration, original vehicle title, photo identification or passport, and bill of sale in hand, it’s time for us to transport your vehicle. One decision you have to make is by what means to transport your vehicle. We offer the shipping options of roll-on/roll-off or a container. Another alternative is exporting the vehicle via air freight.

Driving your vehicle onto a ship and driving it off at its destination is the most cost-effective method. In addition to shipping costs, there are port charges and customs charges. We point out, however, that this means is not available at all ports.


With container shipping, you can put other items in the vehicle. A container may be shared with other cars or trucks or it may be a full container that carries just your vehicle. In addition to shipping fees, you will pay trucking fees, terminal handling charges, and a fee for unloading at our warehouse.

hmm_dreamTo avoid the vehicle being refused transport, we will help to ensure that your vehicle starts after it has been waiting to be loaded into a container. Otherwise, the ship will have it inspected by its mechanic. If the inspector finds a defect, the shipping line may decline to transport the auto or truck. Faulty wires or a leaky fuel tank are examples of issues that threaten the movement of a vehicle because it is a risk to other vehicles on the ship.

The full-container method is what our customers who have expensive vehicles choose. We give vehicles shipped this way very careful attention. Our staff takes photos of the vehicle when it arrives for loading. The container is locked. When the vehicle arrives in Australia, photos are taken again.

Our expertise in transporting vehicles between countries, will help you get your vehicle delivered to Australia without mishaps or hassles.

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